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EVOC Health Club presents itself as the quality alternative in the Fitness area in Portimão. Our mission is to create positive change in people’s lives by improving their health and well-being.

For this, we have at your disposal:

Personal training

Personalized Training is a great way to boost your results and set more ambitious goals for your workout!

A Personal Trainer (PT) is a professional with specific training, qualified to prescribe an individualized training program, adapted to the physical characteristics, real needs, limitations and desires of a person who aspires to achieve their goals related to physical activity.

With a PT, you can achieve your goals safer, faster and more effectively.


The EVOC XPERIENCE program complements a set of two Custom Training sessions.

It begins with a physical assessment session where the PT seeks to know the current level of physical condition through an initial consultation in order to obtain the maximum possible information of the person, such as health history, current medication, problems of Health, eating habits and general lifestyle, as well as a postural assessment.

Taking into account all these issues the PT will prescribe your training plan.

After this first detailed assessment, a second session follows where the PT will be with you for 60 minutes to take questions, show you the training plan and help you with all technical questions so you can continue to train safely.

At our gym we have at your disposal Nutrition consultations so that you can complement your training plan and achieve your goals more effectively and effectively.

In addition to the Food Counseling given by our instructors you can have a Food Plan built to suit you!

Make your appointment at your Club reception and have the best results with your workout!

Opening Hours


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