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Portugal Projects is your one-stop shop for all your Algarve property and renovation needs

For over 13 years our team has worked in property renovations in Algarve, including; build from scratch projects, whole house “facelifts”, simple updates, and more. We know how hard it is to find quality service providers and created Portugal Projects to give people the opportunity to benefit from our experience.

Portugal Projects provides you with:

Fully reviewed and approved service providers – from general contractors to painters to house cleaners, we will share the best resources in the region.

Two to three quotes/budgets – so you can determine the best fit for your property projects.

Schedule and hold contractor’s meeting – if you are out of town or unable to attend the meetings with contractors, we will go in your place and report information back to you.

Payment to all service providers in one place – no need to set up a payment process for each provider, we simplify your life with a single payment point.

Regularly scheduled site visits – if you are unable to visit your job site regularly, we will do it for you and provide updated information and pictures so you know exactly what is happening at all times.

Translation services – making communication between you and service providers clear and straightforward.

Opening Hours


9:30 - 13:00 14:00 - 17:30


9:30 - 13:00 14:00 - 17:30


9:30 - 13:00 14:00 - 17:30


9:30 - 13:00 14:00 - 17:30


9:30 - 13:00 14:00 - 17:30