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Coach Daniela Anastácio has a very personal Coaching: Real life coaching. Without labels, you work with and for the customer (Coachee) on the exciting path to achieve your defined goals.

“Insanity is to keep doing the same things and expecting different results”
Albert Einstein

The coach uses a number of tools, motivating and guiding the goals, achieving the objectives that are part of the course, through the realization of a plan of action resulting from powerful questions that are worked during the coaching session.
Of course this process may not be easy, but you will see that it is a very happy, enriching and transformative journey.

As you begin to progressively live your desired life, it is indispensable to celebrate the victories achieved (goals). Savoring an accomplishment will leave recorded in your mind (and in your body) that is capable! Thus, there is a significant increase in the level of (actual) satisfaction of your life. It is thus experienced the concretization of dreams, desires, goals and objectives.

The results of Coaching in your life increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, reframe limiting beliefs (the same ones that have prevented you from achieving your goals), are discovered and identify your values (because you want what you want), help overcoming fears and revealing unthinkable courage in the past (but always present in itself).

With dedication, commitment, empathy, motivation, focus and action, Coaching enhances your intrinsic and visceral abilities.

:: Attention ::

There is an immense possibility of falling in love with yourself and your life, feeling “butterflies in the womb” when you wake up and begin to live high (even high) levels of satisfaction of happiness, fulfillment and meaning in different areas of your life.

Stop wanting! Start doing!
You are capable of spectacular things!

Here for you! Your Coach,
Daniela Anastácio

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