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We are a group of Civil Engineers with vast experience in Engineering and Project works. In order to accompany the new legislation, we have dedicated ourselves to the Energy Certification aspect in the scope of the RCCTE (D.L.nº 80/2006). In 2008, we began to implement Thermal Projects and issue the respective Regulatory Compliance Statement , which has been mandatory for new small buildings since 1 July 2008. As of January 1, 2009, we began to make the first Energetic Certificates , These being obligatory with the beginning of the application of the SCE (DL nº 78/2006 of April 4) to all existing buildings.

Energetic Certification Services

  • Energetic certification for existing buildings
  • Thermal Projects and their respective certification
  • Monitoring of works

We guarantee

  • Quality and speed at work
  • Competitive prices because there are no middlemen
  • The mandatory visit to the property will always be carried out by a Qualified Expert within the scope of the RCCTE recognized by ADENE


The objective of Energy Certification is to label all properties in order to match a letter, ie A + corresponds to the best energy performance and the letter G to the worst.

When making an Energy Certificate, the Qualified Expert will propose measures of improvement of form:

  • To increase comfort inside the house
  • Increase savings in annual energy bills
  • Improve the energy performance of the property