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Bitvisão – Sistemas de Segurança, Lda, is a company founded in 2003 and specializes in the installation and maintenance of Electronic Security Systems in the areas of;

• Video Surveillance
• Intrusion alarms
• Fire Detection
• Gas Detection

No monthly fees
We also supply and install Emergency Lights, Fire Extinguishers and Luminescent Photo Signage.
We elaborate Security Projects, Emergency Plants and Self Protection Measures.
Our mission is to protect people and property, ensuring effective solutions that are able to respond to the needs of each client, in order to provide them with a safer and more peaceful future.
With a portfolio of more than 400 clients in the Algarve and Alentejo and with a wide curriculum in the area, Bitvisão can boast a dynamic and experienced team and provide the customer with a quality and optimized technical service. professional.
Bitvisão – Sistemas de Segurança, Lda – is an entity registered and accredited by ANPC (National Civil Protection Authority), for the commercialization, installation and maintenance of Fire Detection Systems, under Administrative Rule No. 773/2009. Registration No. 153.
Bitvisão – Sistemas de Segurança, Lda – Entity Licensed by the Ministry of Internal Administration / Public Security Police, for the study and design, installation, maintenance or technical assistance of security equipment and equipment or alarm centers. Registration No. 515

Video Surveillance
He knew he could control his house, his business, and his possessions 24 hours a day, just a click away. Video surveillance allows you to view the images in real time on your computer or mobile phone from any location via the internet.
Bitvisão, offers a wide range of video surveillance systems, tailored to its customers;
• 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 channels HD and NVR IP DVR Recorders
• Fixed HD and IP Cameras for Indoor and / or Outdoor with Night Vision
• Rotating Cameras with Motorized Optical Zoom, up to 36X, with Night Vision
• Billing control systems, POS, Cash Register, etc.
• Systems of Control of Enrollments for Points of Supply, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Parks Camping, etc.
• Facial Recognition and Control Systems – Shopping Centers, Hotels, Trade in general.

What are the advantages of video surveillance?

• Protecting people and property
• Control areas and areas
• Helping to deter thieves
• Discourage theft and fraud
• Document suspicious activity

We offer:
• The preparation of the process of legalization of the chambers for CNPD
• Duly approved camera warning plates
• IP address for access to images via the internet

Intrusion Alarm

With the continued increase in crime, protection of their families and property is fundamental. The installation of an intrusion alarm system is undoubtedly an effective and dissuasive solution, avoiding in most cases the entrance of the intruder.

In case of intrusion the system automatically sounds a high-powered siren chasing away the intruder. The system can also immediately notify the owner (or other entity) via a phone call or SMS to your Mobile Phone.


He knew that most home burglaries are those that do not have any kind of electronic security system, because the Thief knows he can enter without being detected.

We offer several solutions, to the measure of the client, NO MONTHLY FEES.

• Wired and Wireless Alarm Centers
• Remote Keyboards and Panic Buttons
• Indoor and Outdoor Sirens
• Dual Technology Detectors
• Glass Breakage and Flood Detectors
• Fire and Gas Detectors
• Perímetral Detectors and Barriers of IV exteriors
• DEGREE alarms 3

Fire and Gas Detection

He knew that with the new SCIE regulation, new or existing buildings are required to implement self-protection measures and security arrangements.

Protect your business, your assets, your assets and people from fire hazards.

With a culture of prevention and security, we have often been able to avoid
what could be a catastrophe.

The purpose of the fire and / or gas detection system is to continuously check for signs of fire and / or gas. In case of detection, the system activates the appropriate means of alert, allowing the evacuation of the affected site, as well as a faster intervention in the resolution of the situation. The system can also immediately notify the owner (or other entity), through a phone call or SMS

Bitvisão offers you a complete range for the area of fire, lighting and signaling.

• Conventional and Analog Fire Detection Centers
• Conventional and Analog Gas Detection Centers
• Rearmable pushbuttons and warning lights
• Interior and exterior sirens
• Optical Smoke Detectors and Dual Technology
• Infrared Barriers and Beams
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors – CO
• Toxic and Explosive Gas Detectors
• Chemical, CO2 and water extinguishers
• Emergency lights
• Photoluminescent signaling

We elaborate:
Fire Safety Projects
Self-protection measures
Emergency power plants